Ter Buil has (crash)landed…

EdBij deze het officiele vluchtrapport van de hand van heer TerBuyl met betrekking op zijn meest recente rondvlucht:

Sequence of events on Nov 06 2010 with PK SKJ

I took off from our station Pondok Cabe, Jakarta, around 10.00 AM from runway 36, for a routine local flight to the nearby Sawangan training area. Weather conditions were good: Excellent visibility, and light winds. I broadcasted our intentions to ‘Cabe Traffic’, as the local ATC was not on duty on that day.

I flew at an altitude of 1,500 feet into the training area, in a South-westerly direction. After around 20 minutes, with all ops seemingly normal, I reached the boundary of the training area, and I decided to   fly back to Pondok Cabe, on a North Easterly heading.

A couple of minutes later, the engine started to perform hick ups, and then suddenly stopped. I did a quick visual check on the fuel selector, the position looked ok, switched on the booster pump and tried to restart the engine. The engine came back on again, however only for a very short while, and then halted again. Meanwhile, I scanned for a suitable landing spot. I attempted several engine restarts, without much success, until I reached 500-600 ft, and then just focused on landing the aircraft safely at a selected spot.

This spot was a sandy, narrow, dirt track, with an estimated length of approx 350 meters, with a hill on the right side and one at the end, and with steep drop offs on both sides, midway of the strip. I approached the strip, bringing the speed below 50 MPH, and made a short-field landing. After the initial roll, the left wing hit a pile of dirt, damaging the wing slats. Then the aircraft got dangerously close to the left drop off, and I reacted by steering hard right, keeping the plane in the middle of the track as much as possible, and at the same time braking hard to avoid a collision with the hill at the end of the road which was going to curve to the left. Shortly afterwards, the nose-wheel collapsed, probably due to a combination of the previous near 3 point landing, braking hard, and the soft sand on the track. The aircraft then came very quickly to a full stop and I managed to vacate the plane without any problems.

Omgeklapt neuswiel en hinderlijke heuvel

Subsequently, I took some pictures of the aircraft, called both the insurance company and the flying club team at Pondok Cabe, to come and pick us up.

De kist aan de kant en overzicht van landingsbaan en heuvel aan het einde

Some locals showed up very soon after the landing. Together with them, I shifted the plane to the roadside, as the track had to be kept free for passing trucks.

Wings or props, vroeg David Niven zich af; nou, geen van beiden dus

Around 1.30 PM, on the same day, I managed to contact the insurance company which advised me to remove the plane from the landing site as soon as possible, and transport it back to the station at Pondok Cabe.

Onderweg met ontredderde vliegmachine

I managed to do so, and the aircraft, in several parts, arrived at the station around 6.00 PM on the same day.

Hoe je met een vliegtuig de bebouwde kom binnekomt

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